Rambus Inc (RMBS) $16.06 -2.03%

| July 21, 2008 More

Rambus (RMBS, news, chart) options have seen a recent uptick in volume. The stock is trading down 33 cents to $16.06, but sentiment in the options market seems a bit more bullish. 29,000 contracts have traded, compared to 4,000 put options. The September 19 calls are the most actives. More than 12,000 contracts have traded, including two blocks of 5,000 and 2,500 contracts trading offerside or for $1.55 and a $1.50 a contract. The action comes ahead of a July 24th earnings report. In addition, investors are still awaiting a ruling on a patent dispute. On June 25, Rambus asked a San Jose Federal Judge to rule that Hynix can’t sell chips in the United States. The decision could have important implications for patent disputes with others such as Micron and Samsung.

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