CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $41.57 +5.53%

| October 1, 2008 More

CBOE Vix is near 42% this morning, as traders anticipate further daily market moves in excess of 3%. One institutional trader sold a diagonal call spread in VIX that likely takes some profits off the table and maintains a long VIX position for through November expiry. The trade involved a sale of 10,000 Oct 30 calls and purchase of Nov 32.5s for a net credit of 1.65. There are currently more than 830,000 VIX calls outstanding, including 105,000 Oct 25s and 86,000 Oct 30s. This trade suggests the long vix call position paid off well as vix has doubled in the last month, and a continued desire to retain the long the exposure to volatility. VIX October options expire on Wednesday, October 22. The Novembers expire on Wednesday, November 19.

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