Juniper Networks Inc (JNPR) $17.12 -3.98%

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Juniper Networks (JNPR, news, chart, volatility) is seeing active trading. Shares are down 54 cents to $17.29 after the company reported third quarter earnings of 32 cents, which was two cents better than analyst estimates. For the fourth quarter, it sees 30 to 33 cents, compared to 32 cents consensus. While the stock is down, sentiment in the options market is mixed, with 30,000 call options already traded, almost ten times the number of puts. The November 24 calls are the most actives, with more than 13,000 traded and 56 percent of that volume traded offerside. With open interest of 14,185, post earnings closing trades are probably driving some of the activity. The rest of the day’s action is scattered among November and December calls with srike prices ranging from 17 to 23.

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