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WhatsTrading.com has been live for a little more than one year and, with the exception of the “About” section of the web site, we still haven’t taken a lot of time to spell out exactly what we’re doing here. While a lot of the content is self-explanatory, for new visitors, especially those with no options trading experience, it might seem like we’re talking a foreign language at times.

So, since I can’t post intraday updates due to traval, I’ve put together a series of brief comments designed to help visitors better understand WhatsTrading.com, as well as our goals and objectives. A series of five articles titled “Understanding Order Flow” will appear throughout the day Wednesday, July 15.

First, however, let me point out that we strongly recommend that those with little or no previous options trading experience get a good education before trading. Your brokerage firm is a great place to start asking questions and pick up the latest copy of latest Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options from the OCC as well.

The purpose of WhatsTrading.com is to provide objective market intelligence and information–before, during and after the trading day. Through almost 40 years of combined options industry experience, along with a strong network of industry and exchange floor contacts, Fred Ruffy and Henry Schwartz provide daily, unbiased, timely, and in depth analysis of the options market.

We monitor the markets throughout the day for breaking news, interesting trading activity or patterns, simple and advanced options strategies, notable changes in volatility, block trades, significant shifts in investor sentiment towards a stock or market, and whole lot more. It is the information that we use, professional traders pay for, and that will also make you a better, more informed investor and or options strategist. We hope you enjoy the updates and invite you to test drive our Premium content free for 14 days (link).

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