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We’re excited about a new tool for Premium Subscribers, which we call “Flow Monitor”. It’s still under construction, but premium subscribers can begin fiddling with it over the weekend. What is Flow Monitor? It’s a service that allows users to retrieve real-time options news, data, and information on demand. It is available to premium subscribers, in addition to the content and tools already available to premium subscribers (Please Register for Information on WhatsTrading.com Premium).

Let’s do a brief demonstration. If you’re logged in to WhatsTrading.com Premium, you will see the Flow Monitor in the upper right:

To begin, simply enter a symbol and hit enter. You will see a list of menu options:

Select any of the options. For example, if you enter 2, you will see Sentiment for that stock — updated throughout the trading day. It tells you the number of puts and calls traded, as well as whether sentiment is directionally bullish/bearish (calls and puts trading bid and ask). Tracking sentiment can help you identify stocks with extreme bullishness or bearishness and or stocks that are ready to move!

Sentiment is just one menu option. Users can also get today’s stories and access archives (use + command), see sentiment by market (use @all) or sectors (try @it), see most actives, top open interest and a lot more.

To reiterate, this adds to the existing WhatsTrading premium, which includes charts, daily commentary, trading ideas, breaking news, and unusual trading activity updated throughout the trading day. This is an extremely good value for this type of options analytics. Plus, there’s a lot more coming!

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting WhatsTrading.com!

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  1. 5xBEAR says:

    this is a cool feature… hope its not blocked at my job since its through aim. I plan on signing up for the free trial of premium at feb expiration when I get most of my margin back.

  2. rainman says:

    Awesome Fred. Keep up the great work.
    I gave H some little ones to play with (some thinly traded ones too).
    i.e. my $pow calls.

  3. rainman says:

    As the new features get rolled out, I’ll definitely be donatin! ;)
    Thanks again guys.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. 5xBEAR says:

    Do you get option strategy recommendations with premium? If so, is there a record of past performance?

  5. fredruffy says:

    Excellent question. We don’t give specific recommendations because, one strategy that is right for you, might not be right for another investor.

    For $79 per month, you get, 1) a continuous stream of trading ideas and case studies — including the break down of risks-rewards. 2) alerts on unusual volume spikes (shares, puts, calls)– you’ll usually get it here first and before it’s on CNBC. 3) access to the archives 4) charts (volume, open interest, put to call ratios) with each premium story 5) the 30-page electronic book on understanding order flow.

    Now, in addition, with the flow monitor, you have. 1) faster access to premium stories 2) auto content of bullish/bearish trading 3) intra day and end of day put-to-call ratios for the market, by sector, by ticker 4) a host of other data on demand including most actives, top open interest positions, and sentiment (for the entire market, by sector, and for each ticker symbol).

    With this service and a good broker like ThinkorSwim or OptionsXpress, all the tools are in place to find good trades, analyze, and execute. That’s my personal opinion.

    Good trading!

  6. rainman says:

    Starting to get used to it a bit.
    Likin the earnings in yellow too hmmmm…..

  7. fredruffy says:

    The earnings dates and calendar of events are nice features too. We’re working on making the monitor bigger. I’d like it to be huge, but we need to change the site design to make it happen.

  8. 5xBEAR says:

    if you are changing the site design… would it be possible to make it so that you can search for things by ticker symbol? A way to get action alerts would also be nice so that you can get an email when you post a story on Moddy’s or whatever other stock you have in your alerts.

    Also, it would be nice if we there were a way to subscribe to a certain topic so that you can see when other users comment. I think me and rainman are one of the few commenters, so i’d imagine this wont be a priority. But it get’s annoying to have to search for topics to see when people comment. I like when there is a discussion going on.

    I’m not sure if any of this is included in premium or not, but it would def. be a nice improvement if it isn’t.

  9. fredruffy says:

    Thank you. I will bring these issues when we discuss the site improvements in a couple of weeks.

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