Financial Select Sector (XLF) $15.97 -0.47%

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Several big prints surfaced in the SPDR Financials (XLF) just before 1:00 EDT on ISE. The largest was a Jan 13 – 15 put spread for 27 cents, 80000X. The position is opening and traded firm-to-firm. It’s similar to the large Dec 13 – 15 put spreads that surfaced in XLF in late-Sept (see 9/24 and 9/26 color) and seems to express a bearish view on the banking sector for the weeks/months ahead. Separately, a 23500-lot of May 12 puts trades on XLF for 12 cents and is a closing trade, according to ISEE data. A third big block is 26500 Jan 17 calls for 22 cents and an opening (firm, not customer) buyer. Shares saw an unusual spike this morning, to $16.49 and beyond the 9/14 52-week highs of $16.28, with a possible errant algo trade affecting a number of Big Board tickers this morning (unconfirmed). However, the glitch (which also affected P, HTS, WFR, and a handful of other tickers) is probably not the motivation driving the large blocks of options in the XLF this afternoon.

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