Ann Inc (ANN) $36.82 +1.99%

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Ann Taylor (ANN) hit a low of $35.07 in the early minutes, but it’s been straight up for the stock from that point forward. ANN is now up 80 cents to $36.90, 5.2 percnet off session lows, in relatively active trading of 1 million shares. Options volume is 6X the daily average. 6,000 calls and 100 puts so far. The flow includes a Dec 36 – 41 call spread for $1.70, 851X on ISE. Data from the exchange indicate an opening spread for a customer account — 2000X total. Separately, Dec 35 calls on the retailer are seeing action. Recent trades include a sweep of 1400 contracts for $3.50 on ISE when the market was $3.40 to $3.50 and appears to be opening activity as well. Stock now up to $36.99 and session highs. No news on the ticker to explain the recent rally.

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