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Frederic Ruffy is a well-known trader, writer, and strategist who has spent years educating investors and creating intelligent, insightful, unbiased market observations that are frequently cited by the Wall Street Journal and other financial publications. As senior analyst, Fred provides frequent and regular notes and daily updates for activity of interest.

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Vanguard FTSE Europe (VGK) $52.89 +0.69%

Vanguard Europe ETF attracts a big call buyer ahead tomorrow’s ECB rate announcement. A 16,660-lot of Feb 54 calls on VGK trades for 60 cents on ISE. A customer bought-to-open, 19K total, according to ISEE data. iShares Germany and iShares Italy ETFs are seeing call buying today as well (see EWG and EWI color). [This [...]

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J C Penney Company Inc ($JCP) $6.40 -0.62%

Calls on JC Penney are seeing interest for a second day. Players were opening in the Weekly (1/9), Jan, and Weekly (1/30) 6.5-strike calls yesterday (see 1/5 color). The stock is down a nickel to $6.4 today and Weekly (1/9) 6.5 calls are the most actives in the options on the retailer. 16,100 contracts traded, [...]

January 6, 2015 | 0 Comments More

SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) $208.74 +0.47%

Big spread in the SPDR 500 Trust with shares up $1 to record highs of $208.77. An investor sells 71,560 of the SPY Dec 2016 185 calls on the ETF at $33.6 per contract. The activity appears to be covering a position opened one year to the day (or 12/26/13) when the same calls traded [...]

December 26, 2014 | 0 Comments More

BGC Partners Inc (BGCP) $9.36 +3.31%

Bullish flow in BGC Parners. The stock is up 30 cents to $9.36 after a notable spike to $9.57 and 2,200 Aug 10 calls on the investment broker are swept across multiple exchanges for 61 cents, followed by 1,500 more for 80.5 cents, and 30 minutes after that, 900 more for 83.4 cents. More than [...]

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Newmont Mining Corp Holding Co (NEM) $18.87 +1.62%

New position in Newmont Mining. With the stock up 23 cents to $18.80, the Jan2016 20 – 30 – 40 call fly on the midcap miner is being opened for $1.75, 5000X. Like Goldcorp (see GG color), the spread appears to be targeting a rebound in the gold miners in 2015.

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Goldcorp Inc (GG) $18.31 +3.62%

Longer-term call fly in Goldcorp. With the stock up 71 cents to $18.38 and squeezing higher after the yellow metal gained $22 to $1195.5, a Jan2016 20 – 30 – 40 call butterfly spread is opened on the large cap gold miner for $1.50, 5000X on ISE. Data from the exchange confirm the spread is [...]

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Dryships Inc (DRYS) $1.19 -0.83%

Dryships draws increased put activity. With shares flat at $1.2, most of the flow has been sweeps of 500 lots of Jan 1.5 puts on MIAX at 48 cents when the market was 48 to 50 cents. More than 7,000 traded against 313 in open interest, as an investor is possibly selling puts on the [...]

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J C Penney Company Inc (JCP) $6.43 -1.08%

JC Penney draws a put buyer. With the stock off 8 cents to 46.42, a 15000-lot of Jan 7 puts on the retailer is bought for 67 cents per contract. It’s tied to 1 million shares for $6.56 and maybe closing after a three-month 40% drop in JCP.

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Conns Inc (CONN) $18.27 +0.22%

Second day of interest in Jan 19 calls on Conn Inc. More than 5,800 were opened after Wednesday’s shortened trading session (see 12/24 color). The stock is up 9 cents to $18.32 today and a 2700-lot of CONN Jan 19 calls trades for 1.20 when the market was 1.05 to 1.20. It appears to be [...]

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Consumer Discretionary Select SPDR Fund (XLY) $72.15 +0.43%

Ratio spread in the Consumer Discretionary Fund. The ETF is up 27 cents to $72.11 and notching new highs. An investor sold 10,000 Jan 72 calls on XLY at 95 cents and bought 15,000 Mar 75 calls for 79 cents. It probably rolls a block of in-the-money Jan calls out to Mar and up three [...]

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