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Financial Select Sector (XLF) $23.18 +2.32%

Upside call buyer opens a sizable position in the financials. XLF is up 2.4% to $23.20 and an investor buys a 30K lot of Oct 24 calls on the ETF for 25.5c per contract. Nearly 40K traded at that line against 27.2K in open interest. The activity opens a block struck 3.5% above spot and [...]

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Select Sector SPDR Energy Fund (XLE) $64.67 +1.36%

Hefty premium sale in the SPDR Energy Fund. With shares up 91c to $64.70, 36K Oct 62 puts on the ETF trade at $1.89 per contract. The $6.8M trade is tied to shares on a 35 delta and likely covers a position opened for $1.98 on 8/28, which was rolling out of a block of [...]

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iShares US Real Estate (IYR) $69.26 +0.80%

Dow Jones Real Estate ETF draws a short-term call buyer. Shares are up 69c to $69.38 and an investor buys 22K Sep 72 calls on the fund for 28c per contract. The options are tied to 462K shares and the position offers upside exposure to the interest rate-sensitive REITs for 10 days, which includes next [...]

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Market Vectors Oil Services (OIH) $30.16 +1.17%

October put buyers in the Oil Services ETF. Shares are up 40c to $30.18 and a 3.7K block of Oct 28 puts on the fund trades for 98c on ISE. A customer bought-to-open, according to ISEE data. 10.1K traded total against 1.2K in open interest. Weekly 30, Jan 29, and Jan 31 puts are the [...]

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WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ) $50.14 +2.90%

Repeat of bullish activity in the Wisdom Tree Japan ETF. Shares are up $1.39 to $50.12 and the Oct 56 – 58 call spread on the fund is bought for 15c, 10000X. The same spread was bought-to-open for 22c, 20000X on Sep 2nd.

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iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM) $32.92 +2.44%

Notable put spread in iShares Emerging Markets Fund as shares rally 2.5%. The ETF is up 81c to $32.95 and an investor sells 37K Dec 38 puts on the emerging markets fund at $5.34 and buys 48K Jun 32 puts for $3.20. The action in the June term is opening. The other leg might close [...]

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PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP) $25.07 -0.28%

Early put buyer in US Dollar ETF suggests additional focus on currency weakness. Buyer paid 15 to 16cents for nearly 13K Dec 24 puts minutes into the day as the ETF traded near $25.07. Opens a new position similar to flow seen last week when a buyer paid 18c for 50K Sep 25th 25 strike [...]

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iShares MSCI Hong Kong (EWH) $18.58 -1.72%

iShares Hong Kong deep out-of-the-money puts are active as shares fall to the lows of the week. The ETF is down 1.8% to $18.57 and its worst levels since the August 24 panic sell-off. 2.7K Jan 14 calls on the fund have changed hands against 2 lone contracts of open interest. Jan 15 puts, Mar [...]

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iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM) $32.42 -2.14%

Notable downside put spreads in the Emerging Markets Fund. Shares are off 73c to $32.40 amid weakness across global equities markets and the Sep 24 – 29 put spread on the ETF is opened for $1.40, 14120X. The new position has an expiration breakeven at $27.6 per share, which represents a move well below the [...]

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United States Oil Fund LP (USO) $15.31 +1.56%

Bulls and bears in the US Oil Fund. Shares are up 21c to $15.30 and one player buys a 20K block of Nov 12.5 puts on the ETF for 32c per contract in midday action. 22K traded total .More recently, an investor sells 12K Oct 13 puts on the oil fund at 25c and buys [...]

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