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WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) $21.84 +0.41%

Wisdom Tree India Fund with increased options volume, driven by one block trade. Shares are up 10c to $21.83 and a 35K block of Aug 21 puts on the ETF is sold at 12.5c per contract. It appears to be closing. Open interest is 38K and the second largest in the product, behind the 83K [...]

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Utilities Select Sector (XLU) $43.16 +0.19%

Notable print in the SPDR Utility Fund. Shares are up 3c to $43.10 and, 20 minutes before the FOMC rate announcement, 30K Weekly 43.5 calls on the ETF traded for 6c on CBOE when the market was 3 to 7c. Then another 4K traded on ISE at 6 cents and was a buyer for firm [...]

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iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM) $36.80 +0.14%

Notable options prints in the Emerging Markets Fund. Shares are up 6c to $36.79 and the Mar 43.5 – 48 call spread on the ETF is sold at 18c, 48000X. It appears to be closing activity. The same spread saw notable buying for $1.76 and $1.92 in late-April and early-May when shares were near $43.

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Financial Select Sector (XLF) $25.05 +0.42%

Puts on SPDR Financials Fund outpace calls 11:1. Shares are up 11c to $25.05 and Dec 24 puts on the ETF have traded 68.8K. Multi-exchange sweeps are driving much of the flow and data from ISE indicate that customers are buying-to-open. Similar flow surfaced in Sep 24 puts. More than 40K traded at that strike. [...]

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PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1 (QQQ) $110.34 +0.15%

PowerShares QQQ with a notable four-way spread on ISE. Shares are up a nickel to $110.23 and an investor is selling 15K Sep 104 – 114 strangles on the ETF at $1.91, while buying 15K Sep 98 – 119 strangles for 53c. This Sep 98 – 104 – 114 – 119 iron condor, at $1.38, [...]

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United States Oil Fund LP (USO) $15.75 +0.67%

Opening action in US Oil put options. Shares are up 7c to $15.72 and an investor sells 20K Aug 7th Weekly 15 puts on the ETF at 18c per contract. 20.5K traded total against 1.2K in open interest. The contract is struck 4.6% below spot and expiring at the end of next week. The interest [...]

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iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) $119.63 -0.80%

Biggest options trades so far today are in the Small Cap ETF. With shares down 24c to $120.33, an investor was apparently selling 11K Sep 127 calls at 56c and buying 11K Sep 109 – 118 put spreads for $1.75. It’s maybe a short-term hedge against a portfolio of small caps, as the best payout [...]

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iShares MSCI Brazil Capped (EWZ) $28.07 -1.58%

Bearish trading in the Brazil Fund as shares hit multi-year lows. The ETF is down 44c to $28.06 and one player buys 7.5K Jan 27 puts on the Brazil fund this morning for $2.45 and then later another 9K were bought for $2.52, untied. 20.6K traded at that line. More recently, an investor sells 13K [...]

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iShares 20 plus Year Treasury Bond (TLT) $121.73 +0.26%

Noteworthy options combo in the iShares Long-Term Bond Fund. The ETF is up 32c to $121.71 as equities suffer a five-day bearish funk and ahead of an FOMC rate announcement Wednesday. On the options front, a Sep 120 – 122 risk-reversal on the Treasury bond ETF trades for 3c, 20000X on CBOE. The investor appears [...]

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PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1 (QQQ) $110.33 -0.70%

Active trading in QQQ puts as shares extend recent losses. The ETF is off 50c to $110.60 in heavy trading of 9.5M shares and has dropped 3.3% from the record highs seen a week ago. On the options front, an investor sells 7.5K Aug 112 puts on the Qs at $2.67 to buy 20K Aug [...]

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