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iShares 20 plus Year Treasury Bond (TLT) $131.33 -0.12%

iShares Long-term Bond fund sees interest in the wake of yesterday’s FOMC announcement. Shares are off 32 cents to $131.17 after rallying to one-month highs Wednesday afternoon. A 9400-lot of Apr 128 puts on TLT trades for $1.09 this morning when the market was 1.04 to 1.11. More than 10,000 traded and the flow seems [...]

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SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) $207.17 -0.38%

SPYder volume is running about 20% below normal levels, but puts outpace calls more than 2:1. Roughly 290,000 calls and 612,000 puts traded on the ETF so far. The biggest trade is a Mar 202 – 205 put spread for 67 cents, 30000X. Open interest is sufficient to cover, but the spread is possibly a [...]

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Select Sector SPDR Energy Fund (XLE) $75.92 +0.76%

SPDR Energy Fund Jun 64 – 72 put spread, 15500X. A buyer paid $1.70 and is opening a new position. The ETF is up 40 cents to $75.75 and seeing relative strength despite another day of losses in crude, which took a stab at $44 per barrel today for the first time since March 2009. [...]

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iShares US Real Estate (IYR) $78.67 +0.10%

Very short-term spread in the REITS as shares see relative strength ahead of the FOMC. The DJ Real Estate ETF is up 16 cents to $78.75 and an investor buys 28,360 Mar 78 puts on the fund for 41 cents and sells 34,580 Mar 75 puts at 6 cents. Open interest is sufficient to cover [...]

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Market Vectors Gold Miners (GDX) $17.91 -0.11%

Short-term call buyers in the Market Vectors Gold Mining ETF. Shares are off a nickel to $17.88 and 6500 Mar 18.5 calls on GDX are swept across multiple exchnages for 12 cents. Then the same calls traded for 14 cents in two sweeps of 1178 and 2500 contracts. The contract expires Friday and positions are [...]

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WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) $23.14 -1.07%

Wisdom Tree India ETF with opening interest. Shares are down 25 cents to $23.14 and a 10000-lot of Apr 23 puts on EPI is bought for 54 cents per contract. It’s possibly a hedge, as shares continue to ease off the multi-year highs of $24.37 set a few weeks ago.

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PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP) $26.28 -0.04%

Massive block of puts bought on Powershares US Dollar ETF. Customer paid 12cents for 250K June 25 puts this afternoon. Opening a humongous block that is 12x the typical average daily call volume in the product. Will double the open interest in UUP and while total premium is only $3M, the notional size is over [...]

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Consumer Discretionary Select SPDR Fund (XLY) $75.58 -0.60%

Hefty premium purchase in the SPDR Consumer Discretionary ETF. Shares are off 50 cents to $75.54 and a 20000-lot of Jun 73 puts on XLY trades for $1.70 on ISE. A customer bought-to-open, according to ISEE data, and is possibly setting up a short-term hedge for fear of further losses in the sector. Today’s action [...]

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iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) $122.97 -0.29%

Big early prints in the Small Cap ETF. Shares are off 23 cents to $123.1 and the Jun 105 – 117 put spread on IWM is bought for $1.93, 24000X. 52000 traded on the day and the activity is possibly part of a hedging strategy against a portfolio of small capitalization stocks. The max payout [...]

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iPath S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return (OIL) $9.55 -1.55%

Massive opening block in Crude Oil ETF. Trader sold 48400 June 8 puts for 35c on the PHLX as the underlying traded near 9.52 which is not far off 6 year lows. May offset a similar sized block in the June 9 puts which were bought for 45c last month as OIL traded near $11.

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