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iShares MSCI Taiwan (EWT) $16.55 +2.80%

Big buyer of short-term calls on the Taiwan ETF. The fund is up 2.8% to $16.55 in active trading of 5.9 million shares and rallying to multi-month highs today on reports China’s security regulators are studying the possibility of a stock-trading link between Shanghai and Taipei. With EWT within a few pennies of Sept 2014 [...]

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Financial Select Sector (XLF) $24.32 +0.16%

Big print in the SPDR Financials. With shares up 4 cents to $24.32, an investor sells a 40000-lot of Jun 24 puts on XLF at 39 cents per contract (vs. shares at 24.33 on a 41 delta). It might close some positions opened last week when the Jun 23 – 24 put spread on the [...]

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WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ) $57.97 -0.38%

$7 million profit on WisdomTree Hedged Equity Fund options? It appears so. An investor is selling 20,000 May 52.22 – 57.22 call spreads on DXJ at $4.30 today and trade history shows the same spread was bought-to-open for 76 cents in early-Jan (with shares at 47.50). Shares are off 22 cents to $57.97 today, but [...]

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SPDR S&P Homebuilders (XHB) $35.49 -1.17%

Call seller in XHB likely closes second largest block of open interest. Trader sold 14K June 37 calls for 48c, outright, as XHB traded near 35.69. Similar size traded yesterday in June 40 calls, bought for 10.5cents that opened. June 37s date back to early Feb when buyer paid 82c for the June 37-40 call [...]

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IShares MSCI Japan (EWJ) $13.27 +0.76%

iShares Japan Fund calls now outpace puts 256:1. A seller of 100000 Dec 15-strike calls on the ETF was noted earlier (see 11:18 color). More recently, the Jun – Jan 13 call spread on EWJ has traded 55,000X. Most of the action has been on ISE where sentiment data indicate the spread is being bought [...]

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IShares MSCI Japan (EWJ) $13.25 +0.61%

Massive call sale in Japan ETF suggests spread. Trader sold 100K EWJ Dec 15c for 12.5c on NYSE ARCA just after 11am as EWJ traded near $13.25. Traded outright and likely offsets the 100K Jan 13 calls that are open. Those date back to last year when a seller collected 46c to 52c for similar [...]

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SPDR S&P Homebuilders (XHB) $35.98 -0.25%

Call buyer in the SPDR Homebuilder ETF ahead of reports on existing sales today (10:00) and new home sales tomorrow. With shares flat at $36.07, a 14000-lot of June 40 calls on XHB is bought for 10.5 cents per contract. It might be a closer, as trade history shows a buyer of 14,000 Jun 37 [...]

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Market Vectors Gold Miners (GDX) $19.88 +0.25%

Opening options action in the Market Vectors Gold Mining ETF. Shares are flat at $19.83 and the Sep 23 – 26 call spread on the fund is bought for 47 cents, 10000X. The new position is not tied to stock and seems to be expressing confidence in the gold miners for the months ahead. The [...]

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iShares MSCI Emerging Markets (EEM) $42.70 +0.00%

iShares Emerging Markets Fund May 42.5 – Jun 43 call spread is bought for 18 cents, 20000X. With shares flat at $42.70, the action might roll a block of in-the-money May calls to out-of-the-money June calls in anticipation of additional gains for the equities across emerging markets in the weeks ahead. EEM is up 11.5% [...]

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Market Vectors Oil Services (OIH) $37.64 +0.75%

Market Vectors Oil Services ETF May 34 puts sold at 15 cents, 20000X. 27000 traded on the day and, with shares up 36 cents to $37.72, the activity might close from 4/10 when roughly 27K were opened for 40 cents. OIH is up 3.8% since that time.

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