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Financial Select Sector (XLF) $25.05 +0.42%

Puts on SPDR Financials Fund outpace calls 11:1. Shares are up 11c to $25.05 and Dec 24 puts on the ETF have traded 68.8K. Multi-exchange sweeps are driving much of the flow and data from ISE indicate that customers are buying-to-open. Similar flow surfaced in Sep 24 puts. More than 40K traded at that strike. [...]

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PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1 (QQQ) $110.34 +0.15%

PowerShares QQQ with a notable four-way spread on ISE. Shares are up a nickel to $110.23 and an investor is selling 15K Sep 104 – 114 strangles on the ETF at $1.91, while buying 15K Sep 98 – 119 strangles for 53c. This Sep 98 – 104 – 114 – 119 iron condor, at $1.38, [...]

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United States Oil Fund LP (USO) $15.75 +0.67%

Opening action in US Oil put options. Shares are up 7c to $15.72 and an investor sells 20K Aug 7th Weekly 15 puts on the ETF at 18c per contract. 20.5K traded total against 1.2K in open interest. The contract is struck 4.6% below spot and expiring at the end of next week. The interest [...]

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iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) $119.63 -0.80%

Biggest options trades so far today are in the Small Cap ETF. With shares down 24c to $120.33, an investor was apparently selling 11K Sep 127 calls at 56c and buying 11K Sep 109 – 118 put spreads for $1.75. It’s maybe a short-term hedge against a portfolio of small caps, as the best payout [...]

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iShares MSCI Brazil Capped (EWZ) $28.07 -1.58%

Bearish trading in the Brazil Fund as shares hit multi-year lows. The ETF is down 44c to $28.06 and one player buys 7.5K Jan 27 puts on the Brazil fund this morning for $2.45 and then later another 9K were bought for $2.52, untied. 20.6K traded at that line. More recently, an investor sells 13K [...]

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iShares 20 plus Year Treasury Bond (TLT) $121.73 +0.26%

Noteworthy options combo in the iShares Long-Term Bond Fund. The ETF is up 32c to $121.71 as equities suffer a five-day bearish funk and ahead of an FOMC rate announcement Wednesday. On the options front, a Sep 120 – 122 risk-reversal on the Treasury bond ETF trades for 3c, 20000X on CBOE. The investor appears [...]

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PowerShares QQQ Trust Series 1 (QQQ) $110.33 -0.70%

Active trading in QQQ puts as shares extend recent losses. The ETF is off 50c to $110.60 in heavy trading of 9.5M shares and has dropped 3.3% from the record highs seen a week ago. On the options front, an investor sells 7.5K Aug 112 puts on the Qs at $2.67 to buy 20K Aug [...]

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SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) $210.22 +0.02%

SPY Aug 210 – 213 put spread, sold at $1.45, 29000X. With the ETF down 24c to $209.94, both legs are in-the-money and the spread is might be a closer, or maybe a roll down in strikes after a four-day skid in the S&P 500.

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WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) $22.19 -0.83%

Wisdom Tree India Earnings Fund attracts opening put buyers. Shares are off 19c to $22.19 and 8.7K Aug 22 puts on the ETF are swept across multiple exchanges midday for 40c when the bid-ask was 30 to 40c. More than 10.3K traded at that strike against 186 in open interest. The flow seems to be [...]

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iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) $123.72 -0.97%

Big spread in the Small Cap Fund seems to be expressing confidence in the equities market. The Aug 7 Weekly 125.5 – 127 call spread on the ETF trades for 38c, 48100X on ISE. An investor is buying the spread and rolling a block of calls down in strikes. The adjustment comes as shares drop [...]

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