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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $12.85 +3.46%

Spread trading in the CBOE Volatility Index. VIX is up .43 to 12.85 after the S&P 500 shed 5 points early Tuesday. The June 16 – 20 call spread trades on the volatilty index for 37 cents, 8000X. Looks like the spread is being bought 20000X so far and maybe replacing something in May options [...]

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.RUT Index (.RUT) $1099.00 -1.37%

Russell 2000 sees sizable put spreads. The index is down 15.80 to 1098.50 amid relative weakness in the small caps and has now wiped out Monday’s big gain after two days of losses. One investor appears to see limited downside through the reminder of the week, as a May 1070-1080 put spraed was apparently sold [...]

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $12.30 -4.80%

VIX Call surge continues with additional tranche bringing total to 157K per leg. Nearly a million VIX calls have traded today with 67% of the volume in the 20 strikes expiring June/July/Aug and Sep. Pit confirms today’s intiator is selling June and September (the ‘wings’) against the purchase of July and August (the body). Trade [...]

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $12.25 -5.19%

Supercondor trade in VIX index pushes call volume to 4x normal. Index near 12 handle and 52wk lows and a trader bought June and Sep 20 calls against a sale of the July and August 20 calls, 70,000 contracts per leg, for a net zero price. June and Aug legs may close part of the [...]

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $12.42 -3.87%

Sizable drop in VIX at the open. The index gapped lower and is off 1.02 to 11.90. The 2014 intraday low of 11.81 dates back to mid-Jan, but the index has not closed below 12 since Aug 5, 2013, which is the 52-week closing low.

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $12.89 -4.02%

Chopping trading continues and VIX is basically flat on the week. The index is off .46 to 12.97 ahead of the closing bell, compared to 12.91 one week ago. Overall options volumes were very light Monday and Tuesday, but picked up as the week progressed and the uptick in activity was perhaps the most notable [...]

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $13.11 -2.16%

Options volumes picking up a bit in the VIX pit. 139,000 calls and 44,000 puts so far. The index is down .23 to 13.17 and it looks like buyers are active in the May 17 – 22 and May 18 – 22 call spreads, roughly 29000X in both. It might be closing or some adjustments, [...]

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CBOE Volatility Index (.VIX) $13.50 +0.67%

Volume picks up in the VIX pit. After several days of anemic activity in the index market (yesterday was the lightest day for SPX volume in 2014 and just 2000 contracts short of a new 52-week low for SPX volume), 461,000 calls traded on the volatility index Thursday. Interestingly, the bulk of the activity is [...]

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.RUT Index (.RUT) $1112.90 -0.29%

Large put spread in the Small Cap Index. The Russell is off 3 points to 1113 and the Weekly (5/2) 1020 – 1030 put spread is sold on the index at 10 cents, 40800X. It’s opening and probably expressing the view that Russell isn’t likely to drop more than 7.5% through the rest of this [...]

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.RUT Index (.RUT) $1104.75 -0.22%

Big print in the Small Cap Index. The Russell (.RUT) is down 5.95 points to 1101.25 and the April 1040 – 1050 put spread is bought on the index for 20 cents, 20750X. Both contracts traded roughly 30K and might be e closing activity, as open interest is more than 60K in both contracts. If [...]

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