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Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) $10.94 -0.45%

Barrick Gold with a second day of bullish flow. 10.3K Jul 2 Weekly 12 calls on the miner were opened yesterday. Jul 2 Weekly 11.5, Jul 10 Weekly 12, and expiring 11.5 calls on Barrick Gold saw opening action yesterday as well. In fact, total open interest in call options increased by 36K, compared to [...]

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Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) $11.03 -0.72%

Barrick Gold call buyers active with focus on short-term weeklys. Call volume is running 4x normal with nearly 40K contracts trading by noon, versus 1400 puts as shares trade near $11.07. 60% of the flow is short-term contracts expiring within the next 7 days, before the Friday 7/3 holiday, including an early 4c buyer of [...]

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Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU) $2.62 -0.38%

Peabody Energy options volume is 3.5X daily average and calls outpace puts more than 30:1. The stock is decidedly flat at $2.63 on volume of 7.7M shares, which is slightly below the normal pace. Yet 95K calls and 3K puts have traded on the coal producer. Much of the flow is in the Sep, Dec, [...]

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CONSOL Energy Inc (CNX) $23.39 -1.56%

Contrarian call buyer in Consol Energy with shares near 5 year low. Option volume 10x normal with 54K calls trading this morning, versus 6800 puts as shares trade near $23.50, continuing a slide of nearly $10 since early May. Recent sweeps include a buyer of 7550 Jan 33 calls on ISE-Gemini for 9c, opening, and [...]

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Vale SA (VALE) $6.46 -0.77%

Active trading in VALE puts. The stock is down 6c to $6.45 and the top options trade on the Brazilian metals company printed early in the trading session when 6485 Jul 7 puts traded for 69c on ISE. It’s a customer buyer, according to ISEE data. More than 10K now traded at that line against [...]

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Molycorp Inc (MCP) $0.46 +4.95%

Put options on Molycorp continue to see interest. 10K Jul .5 puts on the rare earth materials company were opened after a day of active trading yesterday. Shares are flat at 45c today and nearly 11K traded more at that line. Buyers are apparently paying 27c for the .5-strike puts that expire in four weeks [...]

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Vale SA (VALE) $6.36 -0.16%

Heavy put volume in VALE SA suggests adjustment of profitable hedge. Shares little changed near $6.36 and nearly 70K puts have traded today, versus 18K calls, with an opening customer buyer paying 27c to 30c for nearly 25K July 6 puts this morning as shares traded near $6.23 and more recently a seller of 19900 [...]

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CONSOL Energy Inc (CNX) $25.52 +1.03%

Higher put flow in Consol Energy. The stock is up 20c to $25.47 and working off 52-week lows of $24.77. A Jan2017 18 – 25, 2X1, put ratio spread on the coal company trades for 75c, 1872X. If bought-to-open, the new position is targeting a move to $18 by mid-Jan 2017. Meanwhile, Jul 20 puts [...]

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AK Steel Holding Corp (AKS) $5.02 +2.87%

AK Steel short-term calls attract attention today. The stock is up 12c to $5 and 8,700 Jun 5 calls traded on the steel-maker have now changed hands. 5,550 Jun 5.5s have also traded. Recent action includes 3,700 Jun 5s mid-market for 17c on BATS. Beyond that, the flow has been small lots across multiple exchanges [...]

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Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) $11.35 +0.71%

Cross product gold spread suggests outperformance view on Barrick Gold. Initiator bought 10K ABX Jan 12 calls for $1.03 against a sale of 10K GDX Jan 24 calls at 48c on NYSE-ARCA this morning. Barrick is a top holding in the Gold Miner ETF, and while open interest is sufficient to close, the position looks [...]

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