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Scientific Games (SGMS) $15.51 -0.58%

Sizable Spread in Sigma Designs. The stock is down 6c to $15.54 and the Oct 15 – 17 call spread on the lottery equipment-maker trades at 70c, 10000X. The Oct 17s open and the Oct 15s might close from 3/12 when the stock was around $13 and 20K were bought for $2.45 per contract. The [...]

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Darden Restaurants Inc (DRI) $71.12 -0.11%

Darden Restaurants draws bearish options order flow. The stock is down 3c to $71.17 and 10K Jul 65 puts on Darden trade for 18c across multiple exchanges. The bulk traded on ISE and data from the all-electronic exchange is reporting opening customer buying. The position is being initiated a week after shares jumped to record [...]

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United Continental Holdings Inc (UAL) $53.83 +1.93%

Increased options action in UAL led by a notable call spread. The stock is up $1 to $53.8 amid relative strength in the airliners and the Jul – Aug 55 call spread on UAL is bought for $1.48, 14100X. The activity appears to be rolling a block of upside calls an additional month and trade [...]

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Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd (MPEL) $19.32 +7.93%

Relative strength and early options action in Melco Crown Entertainment. The stock is up $1.18 to $19.08 after falling to new 52-week lows of $17.82 Monday. Early options trades on the casino operator include a sweep of 5K Jul 2 Weekly 18.5 calls for 64c. More than 5.4K traded at that line against 0 open [...]

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American Airlines Group Inc (AAL) $39.80 -3.96%

American Airlines sees active trading. The stock is down $1.54 to $39.90. Roughly 78K calls and 23K puts traded on the airliner. The top trade printed in afternoon action when 32.6K Jan 40 calls on American Airlines traded for $4.55 when the market was 4.4 to 4.55. The nearly $15M in premium is opening and [...]

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TJX Companies Inc (TJX) $66.14 -2.76%

TJX attracts upside call buying. Shares are off $1.84 to $66.18 and 2,886 Aug 67.5 calls on the retailer are swept across multiple exchnages for $1.55 per contract when the market was 1.40 to 1.55, and then smaller lots printed for $1.6 and $1.64 per contract. 4,232 traded total against 2,945 in open interest.

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New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc (EDU) $23.95 -2.76%

New Oriental Education and Tech Group options volume is 15X daily average, driven by a ratio spread. The stock is down 66c to $23.97. On the options front, an investor apparently paid $1.45 for 4.7K Oct 25 calls and collected 60c on 9.5K Oct 28 calls. The 1X2, for 25c, is opening and seems to [...]

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E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (DANG) $8.88 -3.16%

eCommerce DangDang with increased options activity. The stock is down 31c to $8.86 and in the midst of a four-day 17.5% skid. An investor pays 15c for the Aug 8 – 10 bullish risk-reversal on the Chinese business-to-consumer eCommerce company, 5200X. The new position is tied to 518K shares at $8.85.

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Staples Inc (SPLS) $15.83 -1.37%

Staples sees early options action. Shares are off 22c to $15.83 and 1,776 Jul 2 Weekly 16 puts on the office supplies retailer traded for 35c when the market was 20 to 35c. More than 2,100 changed hands at that line against 165 in open interest. The July 2 expiration is Thursday due to the [...]

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TJX Companies Inc (TJX) $67.97 +1.01%

Put buyer in TJX is maybe closing a position. Shares are up 67c to $67.96 and 6K Jul 65 puts on the retailer trade for 30c when the market was 20 to 35c. It might cover a position opened on 6/3 when 6K of those same puts were sold-to-open at $1.40 on ISE. Shares have [...]

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