Consumer Services

Staples Inc (SPLS) $13.85 -2.02%

Higher options volume in Staples driven by shorter-term and longer-term calls. The stock is off 25c to $13.88 and 3.5K Mar 16-strike calls on the office supplies retailer are swept across multiple exchanges for $1.05 when the bid-ask was 90c to $1.05. More than 6.5K traded at that line against just 165 in open interest. [...]

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ITT Educational Services Inc (ESI) $3.33 -3.34%

ITT Education upside calls see some interest Thursday. The stock is down 7c to $3.37 and the Sep 3.5 – Oct 4 call spread on the education company trades for 21c, 500X, and 19c, 500X. The spread has traded 4250X total on ISE and is selling-to-close September, to buy-to-open October, according to ISEE data. Consequently, [...]

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Conns Inc (CONN) $28.32 +0.14%

Pre-earnings bull opens 28% upside position in Conn’s and shares spike. Shares of the retailer are up nearly $10 this year, but have slid nearly $16 since July highs and a buyer paid 55c for 1500 Sep 36 calls a moment ago just as shares jumped 50c from 28.10. Opens a new position struck 28% [...]

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H and R Block Inc (HRB) $35.32 +7.13%

Hefty post-earnings premium seller in H&R Block. The stock was back within striking distance of 52-week highs of $36.29 after hitting an intraday high of $35.93 today in the wake of the results. Shares are now up 7.2% to $35.30 and an investor seized the strength to sell 15K Jan 37 calls on the tax [...]

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Mens Wearhouse Inc (MW) $54.80 -0.81%

Big call buyer is on Mens Wearhouse like a cheap suit, ahead of earnings. The stock is off a nickel to $55.22 and the Nov 60 – 65 call spread on the retailer is bought for $1.25, 8000X. The activity likely rolls a block of calls to the 60-strike from the 65s and the adjustment [...]

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J C Penney Company Inc (JCP) $9.38 +2.85%

Relative strength and bullish flow in JC Penney. The stock is up 27c to $9.38 and 5.1K Sep 9 calls on the retailer were swept midday for 59c across multiple exchanges when the bid-ask was 53 to 59c. More recent trades included sweeps for 71 and 72c, as the market had lifted to 67 to [...]

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Cablevision Systems Corp (CVC) $24.11 -4.19%

Notable call activity in Cablevision Systems. The stock is down 4.4% to $24.07 and small lots of Sep 27 calls on the cable TV company trade for 75 and 80c before a 14.2K block printed for 85c on AMEX when the market was 75 to 90c. More than 20.3K traded and the market is 80 [...]

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Sysco Corp (SYY) $39.12 -1.87%

Sysco sees repeat options activity. The stock is off 75c to $39.12 and 25K Sep 38 calls on the food company are sold at $1.66 per contract. The options are tied to 1.75M shares and appear to be adding to a position opened last week, as 25K of the same call options were sold-to-open on [...]

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Netflix Inc (NFLX) $107.56 -6.47%

Heavy trading in Netflix short-term options as shares lose 6%. The stock is down $7 to $108.3 on reports of competitive programming from Apple (AAPL). The ten most active options in Netflix are contracts that expire at the end of this week, being led by nearly 11K Weekly 95-strike puts. Some of the flow included [...]

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Ascena Retail Group Inc (ASNA) $12.00 +2.74%

Ascena Retail attracts 4X daily options volume with put options dominating the flow. Shares are up 33c to $12 and the top trade on the apparel retailer is a 7.3K lot of Sep 12 puts for 60c per contract when the market was 45 to 60c. More than 8K traded total against 487 in open [...]

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