Large Cap Stocks

Apple Inc (AAPL) $95.59 -2.61%

Apple attracts a noteworthy new position. The stock is off 2.7% to $95.45 and one investor is possibly looking to hedge or “collar” recent gains on the tech giant. A Sep 87.5 – 105 risk-reversal trades on Apple for 19 cents, 20000X. Looks like calls were sold to buy puts.

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Agilent Technologies (A) $56.08 -1.23%

Agilent options volume is 6X the daily average, driven by an opening time spread. With the stock down 74 cents to $56.05, the investor is apparently paying $1.58 for the Aug – Nov 57.5 call spread, 5000X. The new position seems to be expressing the view that shares of the medical equipment comany will hold [...]

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Carnival Corp (CCL) $36.64 +0.22%

Carnival Cruise Sep 37 calls. 9,347 traded so far, including a 6,500-lot for 75 cents when the bid-ask was 70 to 75 cents. Open interest is 288 contracts. The market is now 80 to 85 cents. No news on the ticker. Earnings expected on 9/23.

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Rio Tinto Plc (RIO) $58.25 -1.09%

Repeat call buying in Rio Tinto. Like Monday (see 7/28 color), the focus is on Sep 60s. The top trade is an opening customer buyer of 1500-contracts for $1.05 on ISE. With the stock down 69 cents to $58.20, another 5,830 Sep 60 calls traded in RIO today.

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Intel Corporation (INTC) $34.25 +0.18%

Intel attracts a noteworthy call buyer. The stock is up 7 cents to $34.26 and an 18500-lot of Aug 34s on the chip-maker traded for 59 cents on ISE. It’s an opening buyer (firm, not customer). Total volume at that strike is 19,588 against 30,652 in open interest. Sep 35s are the second most active [...]

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Electronic Arts Inc (EA) $34.39 +0.15%

Electronic Arts sees increased options action driven by spread trading. The stock is up 6 cents to $34.40 and the investor sells the Sep 37 – 41 cs on the video game-maker and buys Dec 37 – 41 call spreads, paying 60 cents on the four-way, 10000X. The activity in December is opening and the [...]

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Expedia Inc (EXPE) $80.84 +0.20%

Expedia sees pre-earnings action. The stock is up 25 cents to $80.93 and 3,500 Aug 85 calls on the online travel company are swept for $3.20 per contract across multiple exchanges. An investor is buying-to-open, according to ISEE data. 3,883 traded total against 6,846 in open interest. Earnings due out tomorrow afternoon.

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Yahoo Inc (YHOO) $36.05 +1.04%

Yahoo sees an opening call spread. The stock is up 36 cents to $36.04 and the Sep 40 – 45 cs on the internet company is apparently bought for 55 cents, 20000X. The new position looks tied to 430K shares at $35.87 and maybe stock replacement after an 8.6% uptick in shares (since 7/17). The [...]

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Broadcom Corp (BRCM) $38.53 +1.42%

Big call buyer in Broadcom. The stock is up 69 cents to $38.68 and smaller lots of Aug 41 calls on the chip-maker printed for 13 cents before a 24600-contract block traded for 14 cents each. Volume of 33K matches open interest at that strike and today might close from 6/14 when the stock was [...]

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EMC Corp (EMC) $29.50 -0.57%

EMC sees higher call volume again Tuesday. The stock is down 12 cents to $29.55 after notching multi-year highs yesterday. The stock has been rallying since a WSJ story on 7/21 suggested that activist investors are urging for a break-up of the storage device-maker. Shares rallied through earnings last week as well. On the options [...]

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