Small Cap Stocks

Vringo Inc (VRNG) $3.27 -1.21%

Vringo sees higher options volume on spread trading. The stock is down a nickel to $3.26 and the Aug – Sep 3.5 put spread on the New York, NY patents and property rights company trades for 24 cents, 4000X. Looks like a roll out to Sep from Aug and extending a bearish outlook in VRNG [...]

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Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc (EGLE) $3.07 -1.60%

Eagle Bulk Shipping sees opening put activity. The stock is off 6 cents to $3.06 and 6,300 Jul 2.5 puts trades on the shipping company against 1,748 in open interest. The top trade is a 3,500 lot for 20 cents. Looks like a buyer. The market is now 20 to 25 cents. EGLE has seen [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $5.82 -8.63%

Noteworthy spread in NQ Mobile. The stock is down 61 cents to $5.76 and falling to new 52-week lows. An investor is apparenly paying $1 for the Dec 7 – 12 call spread on the mobile internet company, 10000X. The stock has dropped 70% over the past four months and so today’s action appears to [...]

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General Cable Corp (BGC) $25.19 -1.33%

Bearish flow in General Cable. The stock is down 41 cents to $25.12 and the top trade is a sweep of 2,374 Aug 26 puts for $2 on ISE. It’s an opening buyer, according to ISEE data. 3,571 traded at that strike. Aug 25 and Jul 25 puts are the next most actives and 30-day [...]

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Uni Pixel Inc (UNXL) $6.65 -12.27%

Put volume spike in Uni-Pixel. The stock is down 11.5% to $6.70 on relatively light volume of 526K shares. Yet, options volume on the touch screen electronics company is 3.5X the daily average, driven by opening activity in short-term puts. Jul 5s have traded 3,510 contracts and 2,470 Jul 7s have changed hands. ISEE data [...]

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Dex Media Inc (DXM) $11.32 -4.23%

Dex Media draws increased options action. The stock is down 52 cents to $11.30 after a two-month 70% spike. The top two trades on the yellow pages company are part of a “stupid” spread, in which the investor was selling 9,500 Aug 12.5 calls on DXM at 65 cents and selling 9,500 Jul 12.5 calls [...]

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Walter Energy Inc (WLT) $5.34 -3.09%

Call writer in Walter Energy. The stock is down 19 cents to $5.32 and a 10000-lot of Weekly (7/11) 5.5 calls on the coal producer is sold at 17 cents per contract. It’s opening and seems to be expressing the view shares will see limited upside over the next few weeks. The stock is down [...]

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AK Steel Holding Corp (AKS) $7.78 +2.10%

AK Steel attracts early options action. The stock is up 20 cents to $7.82 after announcing an increase of base prices for stainless steel products yesterday. AKS is now up 27.1% month-to-date. Early options trades on the stock Wednesday include a sweep of 2,722 Sep 8 calls for 65 cents when the bid-ask was 60 [...]

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TakeTwo Interactive Software Inc (TTWO) $21.29 -1.07%

Take Two Interactive sees opening action. The stock is down 22 cents to $21.30 and 3,100 Sep 21 puts on the video game-maker are swept across multiple exchanges for $1.25 when the bid-ask was $1.15 to $1.25. Open interest is 629. An investor is possibly buying Sep puts and looking to hedge gains after a [...]

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Fluidigm Corporation (FLDM) $29.08 +1.68%

Fluidigm sees opening options activity. The stock is up 63 cents to $29.23 and the investor is apparently selling Aug 25 puts on the medical labs company at $1 to buy Aug 30 – 35 call spreads for $1.55, 2500X. The three way opens the largest blocks of open interest in the name and seems [...]

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