Small Cap Stocks

MBIA Inc (MBI) $10.37 +2.27%

Puts outpace calls in MBIA by 100-to-1. 27,000 puts and 270 calls traded on the credit insurance company, being led by a ratio spread. The investor is apparently selling 7,500 Jan2016 10 puts on MBI at $1.70 to buy 15,000 Jan20165 puts for 30 cents. The 1X2, at $1.30, might roll some positions in Jan2016 [...]

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Walter Energy Inc (WLT) $3.03 +0.66%

Large blocks of call options trade on Walter Energy. The stock is up 2 cents to $3.03 and the investor bought 42,000 Nov 3 calls on the coal producer for 12 cents. It probably closes an open position to avoid the risk of assignment on a short call position. Open interest is 85,285 and the [...]

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NewLink Genetics Corporation (NLNK) $32.23 +0.69%

Newlink Genetics sees early call buyer. Initiator paid 2.55 for 1000 Jan 55 calls to open a new position as shares traded 31.32 10 minutes into the day. NLNK is an ebola-related name that saw share price double last month.

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Hovnanian Enterprises Inc (HOV) $4.16 +1.22%

3,000 May 4 calls traded on Hovnanian for 75 cents. The stock is up 4 cents to $4.15 and the options were swept across multiple exchanges. A customer bought-to-open, according to ISEE data. 3,260 traded at that strike and the flow appears to repeat from last week when buyers snapped up Feb and May 4 [...]

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El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc (LOCO) $30.26 -5.94%

Pollo Loco November puts are actively traded for second day. Players opened Nov 22 and 23 puts on the poultry chain yesterday (see 11/18 color). The decline in the shares has accelerated today and the stock is down $2.12 to $30.05. Focus in the options market is still focused on the short-dated Nov puts, with [...]

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Goodrich Petroleum Corporation (GDP) $9.43 +6.55%

Position adjustment in Goodrich Pete. The stock is up 57 cents to $9.42 and the investor sells 11,800 Nov 15 puts on the energy company at $6 to buy 16,800 Dec 11 puts for $3.1. The December puts are opening and the other leg is probably closing from 10/16 when the stock was at $11 [...]

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El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc (LOCO) $32.52 -0.58%

Crazy action in LOCO options? November put options, which expire at the end of this week, are seeing opening actvity. Nov 32s are the most actives. 2,427 changed hands against 516 in open interest. Another 1,858 Nov 33s also traded. The stock is down 10 cents to $32.61 and adding to losses from yesterday after [...]

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Bon Ton Stores Inc (BONT) $8.71 -0.80%

Bears in Bon Ton Stores ahead of earnings. The stock is off 7 cents to $8.71 ahead of the 11/20 profit report and one player opened a 2000-lot of Dec 7 puts on the retailer for 15 cents. 353 Jan 8 puts also traded in the name.

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SouFun Holdings Limited (SFUN) $8.87 -0.89%

Solar Fun Feb 10 calls are drawing interest this morning. With shares down a nickel to $8.90, 1,291 contracts are swept across multiple exchanges for 70 cents and then another 2,942 printed for 75 cents. 5,410 traded at that strike against 105 in open interest. Looks like buyers are opening and the market is now [...]

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Pan American Silver Corp (PAAS) $9.97 +7.20%

Bullish flow post-earnings in Pan American Silver on a good day for the metals market. Gold is up almost $30 and silver has rallied more than $1 off session lows. PAAS is up 70 cents to $10. Dec, Jan and Apr 10-strike calls are the most actives in the name. The stock was trading south [...]

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