Small Cap Stocks

Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU) $2.26 +4.15%

Sudden burst of activity in Peabody Energy deep out-of-the-money calls. Shares are off 4c to $2.13 and 9.6K Dec 4 calls on the coal producer traded across multiple exchanges for 30c and then another 3.4K were swept for 30c when the bid-ask was 17 to 30c. 13.1K traded total against 16.3K in open interest. Jan [...]

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MannKind Corporation (MNKD) $3.78 +2.30%

MannKind draws a sizable call write. The stock is up 9c to $3.78 and 9.4K Jan 4 calls on the biotech trade at 53c per contract on ISE. A customer is selling-to-open 10K contracts, according to ISEE data. The strategy is likely overwriting with 5.8% out-of-the-money 4-strike call options after three-month 38.4% drop in shares.

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Retrophin Inc (RTRX) $26.26 -5.91%

Bullish three-way spreads in the biotech sector. Retrophin is off $1.67 to $26.29 and an investor sells 5K Dec 22.5 puts on the biotechnology company at $1.90 and buys 5K Dec 30 – 37.5 call spread. Similarly, Amarin (AMRN) is off 7c to $2.25 and an investor sells Jan 2 puts at 30c and buys [...]

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ITT Educational Services Inc (ESI) $3.33 -3.34%

ITT Education upside calls see some interest Thursday. The stock is down 7c to $3.37 and the Sep 3.5 – Oct 4 call spread on the education company trades for 21c, 500X, and 19c, 500X. The spread has traded 4250X total on ISE and is selling-to-close September, to buy-to-open October, according to ISEE data. Consequently, [...]

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InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corporation (NVIV) $9.30 +2.99%

Notable spread trading in InVivo Therapeutics. The stock is up 29c to $9.41 and the Dec 10 – 15 call spread on the biotech is opened for $1.25, 2000X. The flow opens the largest open interest blocks in the name and appears to be targeting a move back to $15 or better through mid-December. The [...]

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Globalstar Inc (GSAT) $1.73 +7.48%

Second day of interest in GlobalStar call options. An Apr – Oct 2.5 call spread on the satellite company was bought-to-open for 40c, 5000X yesterday. Both strikes saw open interest increase by 5.5K contracts. Shares are up 13c to $1.72 today and working off last week’s 52-week lows of $1.52 per share. 2.1K Jan 2 [...]

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Conns Inc (CONN) $28.32 +0.14%

Pre-earnings bull opens 28% upside position in Conn’s and shares spike. Shares of the retailer are up nearly $10 this year, but have slid nearly $16 since July highs and a buyer paid 55c for 1500 Sep 36 calls a moment ago just as shares jumped 50c from 28.10. Opens a new position struck 28% [...]

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Windstream Holdings Inc (WIN) $7.42 +3.12%

Opening action in Windstream upside calls. The stock is up 24c to $7.43 and small lots of Nov 9 calls on the communications company trade for 26 and 27c across multiple exchanges. Nearly 3K traded total against 607 in open interest. Bullish positions are being opened ahead of a Sep 10 presentation at a BofA [...]

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Intersil Corporation (ISIL) $10.46 -0.76%

Intersil Corp. upside calls are seeing interest. The stock is off 10c to $10.44 and most of the flow has been small lots of Sep call options. 15% out-of-the-money Sep 12s are the most actives. 1.7K contracts changed hands. Sep 10, 11 and 13 calls on the chip maker are also seeing interest. Total volume [...]

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Navistar International Corp (NAV) $17.84 +0.85%

Pre-earnings puts in Navistar. The stock is up 16c to $17.84 and 2K Oct 16 puts on the truck manufacturer trade for $1.15 when the market was 95c to 1.15. It opens. 2.7K traded total against 171 in open interest. Bearish flow comes ahead of a profit report, due Wednesday morning.

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