Small Cap Stocks

Silicon Motion Technology Corp (SIMO) $18.95 +2.93%

Silicon Motion call volume continues recent trend. Shares near multiyear high and 200 calls traded in the opening hour, 16x normal for the chip maker. Buyers of Sep 22.5 and July 20 calls lead the activity. Call volume was heavy yesterday as well, with an opening buyer of nearly 500 July and Sep 20 calls. [...]

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Neptune Technologies and Bioresources Inc (NEPT) $2.71 +10.16%

Noteworthy call buyer in Neptune Tech and Bioresources. The stock is up 24 cents to $2.70 and the investor paid 20 cents per contract for Jul 3 calls, 12000X. It might cover from 6/9 when the biotech was at $2.50 and 12,000 were sold at 7.5 cents per contract. If so, the investor is buying-to-close [...]

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E Commerce China Dangdang Inc (DANG) $12.49 +4.00%

Short-term call buying in eCommerce DangDang. The stock is up 33 cents to $12.34 and the focus is on the Jun 13s. 2,318 traded. Jul 13, Jun 12, and Jun 14 calls on the Chinese internet company are seeing modest interest this morning as well. 3,300 calls and 0 puts traded in the name. Briefing [...]

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Forest Oil Corporation (FST) $2.16 -11.48%

Forest runs southward. The stock is down 29 cents to $2.15 and it looks like investors are bracing for further losses in the oil company. Aug 2, Jul 1.5, and Jul 2 puts are the most actives in the name. 6,800 puts and 850 calls now traded total, which is 3X daily average volume. The [...]

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Medallion Financial Corp (TAXI) $11.93 -6.36%

Unusual activity in Medallion Financial. The stock is down 6.8% to $11.90 and falling to 52-week lows on increasing volume of 983,000 shares. 3,780 puts and 80 calls traded on the New York, NY credit services company. By way of comparison, average daily volume in TAXI is about 100 contracts. Nov 10 and 12.5 puts [...]

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ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (ZIOP) $4.21 +3.95%

Bullish flow in Ziopharm Oncology. The stock is up 15 cents to $4.20 and the top options trade on the biotech is a 3143-lot of Oct 6 calls for 55 cents per contract on ISE. A customer is buying-to-open, according to ISEE DATA. 5,746 traded at that strike, possibly a play on positive results from [...]

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Resolute Energy Corporation (REN) $8.85 +0.11%

Put seller in Resolute Energy. The stock is up 3 cents to $8.87 and the Jun 10 – Sep 11 put spread on the Denver, CO oil and gas company is being sold at $1.075. The investor is apparently buying-to-close Jun 10 puts, which were opened in March and April. Now, a new position in [...]

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Yongye International Inc (YONG) $6.96 -0.14%

Implied volatility spike in Yongye Intl. The stock is flat at $6.97 and trading is active at 1.15 million shares. Smaller sweeps of Jun 7 puts on the Chinese ag chemicals company traded for 25 and 30 cents per contract. Volume at that strike is 1,840 and 30-day implied volatility in the options on the [...]

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Fusion io Inc (FIO) $11.36 +22.41%

Fusion IO sees a flurry of early options action. The stock is up $2.09 to $11.37 after Sandisk (SNDK) made a $11.25 per share cash bid for the company. The stock is trading above the offering price and there’s also some interest in 12-strike calls on the stock, suggesting some players are possibly positioning for [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $7.93 +2.45%

Noteworthy spread in NQ Mobile. The stock is up 15 cents to $7.89 and the Jul 15 – 20 call spread on the mobile internet company trades for 29 cents, 3000X. Looks like and opening buyer. The Jul 13 – 16 call spread is apparently being bought as well, 3000x on the day. The stock [...]

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