Small Cap Stocks

WisdomTree Investments Inc (WETF) $11.03 +1.38%

Nearly 10,000 Sep 10 puts traded in Wisdom Tree Investments. Looks like repeat activity, as buyers were apparently buying 80, 85 and 90 cents per contract into midday. Open interest is more than 50K and the same puts saw opening activity a week ago when buyers were paying 75 and 80 cents (see 7/23 color). [...]

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SodaStream International Ltd (SODA) $33.26 +11.72%

SodaStream sees an opening risk-reversal. The stock is up $3.34 to $33.11 in the wake of earnings and has rallied 14.7% since news broke Thursday that the company is in talks about going private, according to Bloomberg. In options trading today, an investor pays even money for the Sep 30 – 35 bullish risk-reversal on [...]

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American Capital Agency Corporation (AGNC) $22.98 -2.13%

American Agency Capital sees a third day of bearish flow. A sizable lot of Aug 23 puts on the REIT was opened Monday ahead of earnings (see 7/28 color) and 3,767 Sep 22 puts were opened in the name Tuesday. Shares are off 60 cents to $22.88 on a UBS downgrade today and one investor [...]

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Mechel Open Joint Stock Company (MTL) $1.96 -1.51%

Opening premium seller in Mechel Open Joint. With the stock flat at $1.99, a 25000-lot of Jan 2 calls on the steelmaker is sold at 25 cents per contract. A shareholder might be over-writing with at-the-money calls and the new position seems to be expressing the view that MTL will see limiited upside through the [...]

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American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings Inc (AXL) $18.65 -1.37%

American Axle attracts a hefty new position. The stock is off 25 cents to $18.66 and the Jan 16 – 22 risk-reversal on the auto parts comany for 20 cents, 10000X. Looks like calls sold to buy puts, while opening the largest blocks of open interest in the name. A shareholder is possibly opening a [...]

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VistaPrint NV (VPRT) $37.87 -2.92%

Higher put volume in VistaPrint. The stock is off $1 to $38 and one player bought 5,000 Aug 37.5 puts on the Dutch online market company for $1.80 and $1.85 per contract. The trade printed on PHLX and will create the largest block of open interest in the name. The block is being opened ahead [...]

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American Realty Capital Properties Inc (ARCP) $13.00 +1.25%

While bearish pre-earnings flow in American Capital Agency was highlighted a few moments ago, American Realty Capital Properties is seeing bullish trading ahead of earnings. The New York NY REIT is up 13 cents to $12.97 and the top trade is a 7000-lot of Aug 13 calls for 25 cents on ISE. A customer bought-to-open, [...]

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American Capital Agency Corporation (AGNC) $23.83 +1.06%

Pre-earnings put buying in American Agency Capital. Shares are up 25 cents to $23.83 ahead of results later today. A 5,000-lot of Aug 23s trades on the REIT for 11 cents and then another 11,080 printed for 14 cents each. Both blocks traded on the ISE and are opening (customer) buyers, according to ISEE data. [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $6.90 +3.45%

Noteworthy spread trade in NQ Mobile. The stock is up 22 cents to $6.89 and has now rallied nearly 60% since 7/17. The big options print this morning is a Dec 5 – Jan 8 call spread on the mobile internet company at 95 cents, 35000X on AMEX. It appears to roll a block of [...]

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Vringo Inc (VRNG) $3.27 -1.21%

Vringo sees higher options volume on spread trading. The stock is down a nickel to $3.26 and the Aug – Sep 3.5 put spread on the New York, NY patents and property rights company trades for 24 cents, 4000X. Looks like a roll out to Sep from Aug and extending a bearish outlook in VRNG [...]

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