Small Cap Stocks

Crocs Inc (CROX) $12.47 +2.55%

Tax loss call seller behind unusual call volume in Crocs. Trader sold just over 3000 Jan 20 calls for a penny a moment ago as shares traded $12.39. ISE data confirms the trade is closing customer (try /isee crox) and contract history (try crox jan20c for menu, then #3) indicates the position was likely opened [...]

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Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc (VNDA) $14.05 +17.97%

Higher volume in Vanda Pharmaceutical. The stock is up $2.33 to $14.24 after announcing a settlement with Novartis (NVS). On the options front, a noteworty trade on VNDA this morning is a Jan2105 14 – 16 combo at 20 cents, 4500X. It looks like the investor sold puts to buy calls in anticipation of additional [...]

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Orbitz Worldwide Inc (OWW) $8.42 -0.24%

Orbitz Worldwide call spread seller hits February upside. Trader sold nearly 2700 Feb 9-10 call spreads for 18cents on NYSE-ARCA, possibly rolling short Feb 10 calls down to the 9 strike. Orbitz shares are up nearly 18% this year, and these calls are likely to include 4th quarter earnings, due Feb. 12.

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American Realty Capital Properties Inc (ARCP) $8.09 +0.87%

Million dollar sweep of upside calls in American Realty Capital Properties. Buyer paid 40 to 45cents for a total of 25K Jan 9 calls in 231millisecond sweep as shares traded 8.07. Trade size is triple the average daily call volume in the REIT and opens a substantial position in the name that spent most of [...]

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Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACHN) $16.20 +14.00%

Active trading in Achillion Pharm as shares rally on Hep C drug news. The stock is up 15.4% to multi-year highs of $16.40 on increasing volume of 13.5 million shares. 17,000 calls and 3,450 puts traded on the biotech. Jan 15-strike calls traded 4,555 contacts. Weekly (1/2) 17, Jan 17.5, Weekly (12/26) 15 calls are [...]

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Pier 1 Imports Inc (PIR) $13.87 -0.29%

Downside puts on Pier 1 are busy ahead of earnings. The stock is off a nickel to $13.86 and the top options trade on the retailer is a sweep of 2050 Jan 13 puts on AMEX for 52.5 cents. It’s an opening buyer. 4,831 traded total against 108 in open interest. The market is now [...]

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McDermott International Inc (MDR) $2.42 +2.54%

Ratio spread in McDermott. With the stock up a nickel to $2.40, an investor sells 3,750 Jan2016 7 puts on the oil and gas company at $4.65 and buys 4,000 Jan2016 4 puts for $2. The stock has been reeling along with other small cap energy names over the past few months and the spread [...]

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Quiksilver Inc (ZQK) $2.12 -0.47%

Time spread in Quicksilver. With the stock down 3 cents to $2.10, the Dec – Jan 2 call spread on the apparel company is sold at 10 cents, 15000X. It appears to roll a block of (short) calls out to Jan from Dec. The Dec 2 calls were opened at 17 cents on 11/21 (rolling [...]

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Halcon Resources Corporation (HK) $2.13 +3.40%

Petrohawk Jan2016 5 calls see action at the open. With the stock up a nickel to $2.11, early trades printed for 20 and 25 cents on ISE. Open interest at that line, which is struck 137% above spot, is 40,563 and ISEE data is reporting a closing seller. If so, positions are being covered today [...]

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Hovnanian Enterprises Inc (HOV) $3.89 +2.91%

Higher call volume in Hovnanian. With the stock up a dime to $3.88, 3000 May 4 calls on the homebuilder are swept across multiple exchanges for 55 cents per contract when the bid-ask was 40 to 55 cents. Open interest is 23,992 and the fourth largest in HOV. Today appears to be repeat buying from [...]

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