Small Cap Stocks

Gogo Inc (GOGO) $21.74 +3.08%

Upside call buyers in Gogo as shares rally for a second day. The stock is up 64 cents to $21.73 Thursday and has added nearly 10% since Tuesday. The top options trade on the in-flight internet company is a 2,435-lot of May 23 calls for 80 cents per contract. 4,869 traded at that strike against [...]

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Dean Foods Company New (DF) $17.78 +0.28%

Call buyers in Dean Foods. The stock is up 8 cents to $17.81 and the top options trade on the dairy company is a sweep of 2,050 May 19 calls for 45 cents across mulitiple exchanges when the market was 25 to 45 cents. Volume at that strike (which probably captures earnings around 5/7) is [...]

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Camtek Ltd (CAMT) $3.24 +1.89%

Put volume 1700x normal in Camtek early Thursday. Shares of the Israeli tech firm are up a nickel to $3.23 after a buyer paid 25c for nearly 7000 Nov 2.5 puts to open a new position that will dominate the open interest in the name. Earnings expected early next month, and today’s volujme is the [...]

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Sonus Networks Inc (SONS) $7.79 +3.32%

Sonus Networks sees a asizable print. The stock is up 19 cens to $7.73 and 30000 May 7 puts on the communication equipment company trade at 23 cents on ISE when the market was 20 to 30 cents. It’s an opening position traded firm-to-firm, according to ISEE data. More than 32,600 now traded at that [...]

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Abercrombie and Fitch Co (ANF) $22.02 +3.14%

Abercrombie attracts increased call activity. The stock is up 2.5% to $21.89 and smaller lots of Jun 25 calls on the retailer printed for 47 cents before a 4275-lot traded for 54 cents on ISE. A customer bought-to-open, according to ISEE data. 10,600 contracts traded at that strike and bullish positions are being opened after [...]

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Conns Inc (CONN) $33.09 +0.52%

Opening call spread in Conn Inc. The stock is up 26 cents to $33.18 and the Jul 40 – 45 cs on the electronics retailer trades for $1.25, 2500X. Looks like a buyer is opening and looking for the stock to rally through earnings in early-June. Shares have already gained 77% ytd.

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ZIOPHARM Oncology Inc (ZIOP) $11.27 +10.17%

Active trading in Ziop sends implied volatility in the options on the biotech higher. The stock is up 10% to $11.25 in active trading of 8.9 million shares. 26,000 calls and 6,000 puts traded in the name, which is more than double the daily average. The flow is scattered across a number of different April, [...]

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Frontline Ltd (FRO) $2.84 +7.98%

Frontline call options outpace puts more than 60:1. The stock is up 21 cents to $2.84 in active trading of 7.25 million shares and on a two-day 23% run higher. The stock saw strength early today on reports the shipping company will pay $93.4 million in maturing bonds on 4/14 and rates on largest ships [...]

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Micrel Inc (MCRL) $15.11 +4.93%

Relative strength and increasd call activity in small cap semiconductor-maker Micrel. The stock is up 70 cents to $15.10 on news it has postponed its 2015 annual meeting to further evaluate strategic alternatives. On the options front, 3676-lot of May 15-strike calls on MCRL trades for 95 cents on ISE when the market was 75 [...]

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Cliffs Natural Resources Inc (CLF) $4.77 -2.05%

Big call buyer in Cliffs Natural Resources. The stock is off 10 cents to $4.77 amid broader weakness in the sector and a 20000-lot of Jul 6 calls on the minerals company is bought for 34 cents per contract. 24,812 traded at that strike against 1,164 in open interest. Bullish positions are being opened ahead [...]

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