NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $4.07 +5.71%

NQ Mobile calls outpace puts by 10:1. The stock is up 6% to $4.08 and 11K calls/1,100 puts traded on the Chinese mobile internet company. 41% of the flow is in the June term, being led by 4 and 4.5 strike calls. Jun 5 Weekly 4 calls, Jun 5, and Jun 26 Weekly 5 calls [...]

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YY Inc (YY) $67.78 +1.68%

Bearish three-way spread in YY Inc. The stock is up $1 to $67.66 and it looks like an investor is selling 2,250 Aug 80 calls on the Chinese social media company at $1.60 and buying 3,200 Aug 50 – 60 put spreads for $2.45 each. The new position is being initiated two weeks after the [...]

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EMC Corp (EMC) $26.13 -2.65%

EMC with early options action. The stock is off 65c to $25.19 and the flow has been mostly smaller lots of Jun 25.5 puts at 17, 18 and 19c per contract across multiple exchanges. Nearly 12K traded at that line and data from ISE indicate that customers are selling-to-open. The company today announced plans to [...]

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SanDisk Corp (SNDK) $67.28 +0.30%

Relative strength and early options action in Sandisk. The stock is up 29c to $67.37 and 700 May 29 Weekly 67.5 calls on the storage device-maker trade for 78c when the market was 58 to 78c. It opens. 920 traded total. The company is presenting at a Bernstein conference Thursday.

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Zynga Inc (ZNGA) $2.95 -0.67%

Call buyer in Zynga opens a 13,000-lot of Jul 3 calls for 20c. The new position is tied to stock on a 50-delta. 15K now traded at that line. The stock is down this week, but up 20% month-to-date. An earnings pop on 5/6 helped get the May rally underway.

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Hewlett Packard Co (HPQ) $33.77 +2.12%

Hefty ratio spread in Hewlett Packard ahead of earnings. With the stock up 71c to $33.78, the investor is apparently buying 7,000 May 22 Weekly 34 calls on the computer-maker for 86c and selling 14,000 Jun 36 calls at 35c. If so, the 1X2, for 16c, appears to be expressing confidence that shares can rally [...]

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Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) $70.12 +1.21%

Interest in Qualcomm calls continues. The stock is up 79c to $70.07 and a 10.1K block of Oct 70s on the chip-maker trades at $3.05 when the market was 3.00 to 3.15 (tied on 48 delta). Open interest is 31K and, with the calls now in-the-money, the activity is possibly closing some positions opened in [...]

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Facebook Inc (FB) $80.14 -0.51%

Active trading in Facebook calls as shares climb of early lows of $80.08 per share. The stock is flat at $80.55 and 3,100 May 29 Weekly 82.5 calls on the social media company are swept across multiple exchanges for 30c when the market was 27 to 30c. The same calls were busy yesterday and the [...]

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Brocade Communications Systems Inc (BRCD) $12.37 -0.08%

Bullish trading in Brocade ahead of earnings. The stock is down 2c to $12.36 and 2,837 Jun 13 calls on the storage device-maker are swept across multiple exchanges this morning for 19c per contract. Volume at that strike is now 5,197 contracts against 825 in open interest. Today’s flow appears to be opening buying and, [...]

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Yahoo Inc (YHOO) $42.45 +3.59%

Yahoo Jul 50 calls are the most active equity options through midday. More than 34K traded at that line, as an investor sold a 34K lot at 13c and sold 11.9K Jul 40 calls at $3.25, while buying 1.35M shares for $42.46. Maybe they were long the calls and are now getting long the stock [...]

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