Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSM) $20.00 +3.01%

Taiwan Semi Sep 20 puts are among the most actives early-Wednesay. Shares are up 38c to $19.79 and 7.1K printed at 70c per contract on ISE shortly after the opening bell. A customer is selling-to-close, according to ISEE data. 9.8K traded total against 9.9K in open interest. Separately, a 4.8K lot of Oct 20 calls [...]

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Corning Inc (GLW) $16.73 -2.73%

Short-term put write in Corning options. the stock is down 52c to $16.69 and 18.2K Sep 16-strike puts on the glass-maker are sold at 25c per contract. 20.4K traded total against 907 in open interest. Shares fell to $15.42 on August 24th, but have rallied 8.3% off those 52-week lows. Interest in Sep 16 puts [...]

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Intersil Corporation (ISIL) $10.46 -0.76%

Intersil Corp. upside calls are seeing interest. The stock is off 10c to $10.44 and most of the flow has been small lots of Sep call options. 15% out-of-the-money Sep 12s are the most actives. 1.7K contracts changed hands. Sep 10, 11 and 13 calls on the chip maker are also seeing interest. Total volume [...]

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Oracle Corp (ORCL) $36.30 -2.13%

Oracle with opening action in short-term puts. The stock is down 82c to $36.27 and small lots of Weekly 35.5 puts on the software-maker are swept across mutliple exchanges this morning at 17, 18 and 19c. Data from ISE suggest that customers are selling-to-open. 5.8K traded at that line total against 1.1K in open interest. [...]

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Yahoo Inc (YHOO) $32.65 -1.45%

Large block of puts in Yahoo is opened Monday. The stock is off 38c to $32.76 and an investor sells-to-open 18K Jan 33 puts on the Internet company at $2.90, while buying 18K Oct 35 puts for $2.99. The activity in the October 35 puts likely covers a position opened on 6/9 when an Oct [...]

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Maxim Integrated Products Inc (MXIM) $33.84 -0.73%

Bullish options combo opened in Maxim Integrated Circuit. The stock is down 39c to $33.71 and the Nov 30 – 38 risk-reversal on the semiconductor company trades at 25c, 12500X. It likely covers a position opened on 6/17 when the same combo traded at even money, 15000X, with shares at $34.25. The other 2.5K were [...]

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Ciena Corporation (CIEN) $22.39 -2.10%

Ciena sees pre-earnings options activity. The stock is down 49c to $22.37 and a Sep 23 – 25 call spread on the networking company trades for 65c, 4000X on ISE. The spread was bought and the activity rolls a position down to the 23 line, for a firm account, according to ISEE data. The adjustment [...]

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Xerox Corp (XRX) $10.20 -1.07%

Xerox with a notable call write. The stock is off 11c to $10.20 and 22.8K Oct 12 calls on the photo company trade at 16c per contract. Hearing the options block is tied to shares for $10.28 and possibly closing. Open interest at that strike is 68.3K and the second biggest in the name behind [...]

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Jive Software Inc (JIVE) $4.42 +2.31%

Downside put seller opens in Jive Software. The stock up 12c to $4.44 and 10K Sep 4 puts on the software company traded electronically at a nickel per contract on ISE. A customer is selling-to-open, according to ISEE data, and likely a willing buyer of shares if the stock falls back to $4 over the [...]

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Micron Technology Inc (MU) $15.94 +1.66%

Busy morning for Micron options as shares tick higher. The stock is up 2.5% to $16.05 after Reuters reported that Tsingua Unigroup is meeting with Micron board members to revive a takeover bid. 30K calls and 4.2K puts traded on the memory chip-maker so far, being led by Oct 15, Weekly 16.5, and Sep 20 [...]

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