Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) $2.62 +0.38%

Advanced Micro attracts a big time spread. The stock is flat at $2.63 and the Oct – Jan 2.5 put spread on the chip-maker trades for 6c, 15000X on ISE. It appears to be rolling a block of puts to Jan from Oct and maybe adjusting a hedge against a block of shares. The adjustment [...]

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Apple Inc (AAPL) $128.46 +1.13%

Heavy trading in Apple as the stock bucks the bearish trend Wednesday morning. The stock is up $1.33 to $128.36 on increasing volume of 7.25M shares and the sole Dow stock in the black on positive commentary from Morgan Stanley about the Apple Watch. 128K calls and 39K puts already traded in the name, being [...]

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Groupon Inc (GRPN) $5.32 -2.21%

Groupon sees repeat ratio spread trading. The stock is off 11c to $5.33 and the investor sells the Oct 5 – 6 1X2 call spread on the online daily deals company at 11c, 10000X. The same spread traded a week ago in a ratio of 10000X25000 and Wednesday’s open interest update indicated that both legs [...]

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3D Systems Corporation (DDD) $21.47 +4.53%

3D Systems with relative strength and increased call options activity. The stock is up 4.4% to $21.45 and squeezing higher after a 12-month 65% slide sent shares to 52-week lows of $20.54 Monday. 9550 calls and 680 puts have traded on the printer company. The flow has been in small lots and focused on this [...]

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Facebook Inc (FB) $87.28 +3.00%

Facebook option volume triple normal as shares set all time highs near $87.50. Calls lead puts 2:1 with short-term June 26 weeklys making up 36% of the flow. Largest trade was a customer seller of 4K Aug 82.5-87.5 call spreads for $3 tied to a hedge at $87.20. With 3200 82.5 calls open, the trade [...]

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Stratasys Ltd (SSYS) $38.00 +2.76%

Stratasys 40 strike call buyers step in late in the day as shares jump 1%. Shares heind into the close near $38.07 after an impressive spike of call buying hit late in the day, including a sweep buyer paying 2.25 for 2500 Aug 40 calls when shares were near 37.90. Opens a new position on [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $5.40 -2.88%

NQ Mobile calls are moving today. The stock is down 12c to $5.44 in active trading of 4.4M shares and well off session lows of $5.01. More than 13K calls and 1,900 puts traded on the Chinese mobile internet services company. The flow is scattered across a number of different strikes, being led by the [...]

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Red Hat Inc (RHT) $79.64 +0.43%

RedHat with higher options volume led by a big spread trade. The stock is up 31c to $79.61 and the Sep 85 – 90 call spread on the software company trades for $1.10, 10000X. The new bullish position comes a few days after the stock rallied on earnings and ahead of the company’s Jun 24 [...]

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Microchip Technology Inc (MCHP) $49.98 +0.63%

Frenzy of call buying hits Microchip Technology just before 11am. Several thousand calls were bought in a number of sweeps as shares traded near $49.90, including 1185 Oct 55 calls for 85c and 719 Jan 50s for 3.50. Shares immediately lifted toward $50 and a buyer paid 1.50 for 4277 Jan 55 calls on NYSE-ARCA, [...]

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Twitter Inc (TWTR) $36.05 +4.01%

Twitter options on track for a million contract week. Shares up 4% Friday afternoon and above the level seen before CEO Costolo announced his resignation last weekend. Calls dominate the flow on Friday, as they have all week, trading 200K contracts vs 60K puts. 36 strike calls expiring next Friday lead the most-actives with 25K [...]

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