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FireEye Inc (FEYE) $50.76 +5.86%

Flurry of activity in FireEye as shares notch 52-week highs. The stock is up nearly 6% to $50.79 on increasing volume of 13M shares amid broader gains in cyber security names after the US Government became victim of a large data breach. Calls on FireEye outpace puts by nearly 4:1, with flow scattered across a [...]

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Oracle Corp (ORCL) $43.94 +0.39%

Active trading in Oracle options. The stock is up a nickel to $43.82 on increasing volume of 2.7M shares and expiring Weekly 43.5 calls on the software-maker have traded 6,690 contracts against 625 in open interest. The flow includes a morning sweep of 1,430 contracts for 31c. Another 4,285 Jun 5 Weekly 44 calls on [...]

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Zynga Inc (ZNGA) $2.99 +0.34%

Zynga options volume is 3X daily average, driven by a time spread. The stock is up 2c to $3 and the Jun – Jul 3 call spread on the social media and online game company is bought for 8c, 24000X. It appears to be closing Jun 3 calls at a dime and trade history shows [...]

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Nuance Communications Inc (NUAN) $17.56 +4.65%

Active trading in Nuance calls. The stock is up 70c to $17.48 after Raymond James upgraded the voice and language tech company to outperform. Recent options trades include a block of 4,000 Jul 19 calls for 15c followed by another 1,326 for 20c. More than 8,600 traded at that line against 373 in open interest. [...]

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Citrix Systems Inc (CTXS) $66.82 +1.60%

Citrix System options volume is 3X daily average. The stock is up $1 to $66.77 on renewed takeover talk. Roughly 8,100 calls and 1,185 puts traded on the virutalization company. Jun 65, 67.5, 70, 72.5 calls are the most actives. Today’s chatter comes less than a week after 5/28 Bloomberg article suggesting the company could [...]

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Weibo Corporation (WB) $16.83 +6.18%

Weibo with relative strength and increased options action. The stock saw a spike to $17.5 and is up $1.08 to $16.93. With shares at $16.97, 2,500 Jun 18 calls on the Chinese social media company trade across multiple exchanges for 45c when the bid-ask was 30 to 45c. Then small lots printed up to 63c. [...]

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Autodesk Inc (ADSK) $54.00 -0.28%

Autodesk attracts a sizable options block. The stock is off 10c to $54.05 and a 7166-lot of Jun 52.5 puts on the software company trades at 59c per contract. The market was 58 to 65c. A put writer is possibly opening the position, which is struck 2.9% below spot and expiring in 18 days. The [...]

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Facebook Inc (FB) $79.17 -1.22%

Large block of calls on Facebook appears to be a closing seller. The stock is off $1.12 to $79.02 and falling back to the lower end of the two-week range. A 21K lot of Jun 85 calls on the social media company is sold at 14c per contract. It probably covers a position opened on [...]

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Twitter Inc (TWTR) $36.90 +0.19%

Second day of interest in Twitter longer-term call options. 10,000 Jan2017 55 calls on the social media company traded for $2.99 late-yesterday when the market was $2.72 to 2.99. The stock is up 5c to $36.88 today and 10K more printed for $2.95. Today’s nearly $3M in premium is a buyer and appears to be [...]

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Rovi Corporation (ROVI) $16.89 +2.24%

Bearish flow in Rovi as shares try to rebound off 52-week lows. The stock is up 37c to $16.89 after falling to $15.97 yesterday and 4000 Jun 20 puts on the multi-media company trade for $3.65 per contract when the market was $3.10 to $3.80. Looks like a buyer is adding to 2000 contracts opened [...]

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