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Groupon Inc (GRPN) $6.44 +0.94%

Calls on Groupon remain actively traded. A 26,500-lot of Aug 6.5s traded late-Tuesday, in what appears to be a stock replacement trade, as a 945K block of shares also printed at roughly the same time. An investor was possibly reducing risk ahead of an Aug 5 earnings report. Shares have not fared well after recent [...]

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Yahoo Inc (YHOO) $36.05 +1.04%

Yahoo sees an opening call spread. The stock is up 36 cents to $36.04 and the Sep 40 – 45 cs on the internet company is apparently bought for 55 cents, 20000X. The new position looks tied to 430K shares at $35.87 and maybe stock replacement after an 8.6% uptick in shares (since 7/17). The [...]

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Groupon Inc (GRPN) $6.32 -1.10%

Noteworthy trade in Groupon. The stock is off 7 cents to $6.32 and a 27,500-lot of Aug 6.5 calls on the online daily deals company trades for 41 cents when the market was 40 to 41 cents. 33,847 traded at that strike against 3,372 in open interest. Looks like buying and the market is now [...]

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Twitter Inc (TWTR) $38.44 +1.34%

Twitter option volume leading Facebook heading into earnings. On track for 300K contracts, double normal, with calls slightly ahead of puts and 41% of today’s flow in weeklys that expire Aug 1. Aug 40 calls, currently 1.60 out of the money, dominate the activity with 14K trading – most for $1.72. /egap twtr shows straddle [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $6.90 +3.45%

Noteworthy spread trade in NQ Mobile. The stock is up 22 cents to $6.89 and has now rallied nearly 60% since 7/17. The big options print this morning is a Dec 5 – Jan 8 call spread on the mobile internet company at 95 cents, 35000X on AMEX. It appears to roll a block of [...]

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) $44.50 +0.23%

Microsoft sees another big call buy. The stock is up 8 cents to $44.48 and one player bought a 20000-lot of Sep 48s on the software giant for 21 cents per contract. 31,700 now traded at that strike against 1,590 in open interest. Looks like repeat buying. Aug 47 calls on the stock were being [...]

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Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd (QIHU) $99.77 +4.35%

34,000 calls and 5,670 puts traded in Qihoo 360 Tech. The stock is up 5.2% to $99.60 on Baidu’s (BIDU) good results and positive commentary on several Chinese net stocks from Citi analysts. The top trades in QIHU are ratio calendar spreads, as the investor was apparently buying 2,188 Weekly (8/29) 110 calls on the [...]

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Vringo Inc (VRNG) $3.27 -1.21%

Vringo sees higher options volume on spread trading. The stock is down a nickel to $3.26 and the Aug – Sep 3.5 put spread on the New York, NY patents and property rights company trades for 24 cents, 4000X. Looks like a roll out to Sep from Aug and extending a bearish outlook in VRNG [...]

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) $44.69 -0.31%

Heavy trading in Microsoft August calls. The stock opened higher after the company’s EPS number missed estimates, but investors seemed to find solace in revenue growth and cost cutting measures. Yet, MSFT is now up just 2 cents to $44.85 and some investors are possibly liquidating positions in Aug upside calls as shares give up [...]

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) $44.89 +0.12%

Massive spread in Microsoft ahead of earnings. The stock is up 7 cents to $44.91 and the investor is selling the Aug 45 – 47 call spread on the software-maker at 67 cents, 70000X. The Aug 47s open and the Aug 45s probably cover a position (at $1.18 today) that was opened last week for [...]

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