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CA Inc (CA) $29.28 +0.72%

CA sees a notable options block. With shares up 26c to $29.33, an investor is apparently selling 10K Aug 30 puts on the software-maker at $1.50 per contract. Open interest at that strike is 10.2K, the largest in the name, and trade history shows a block of 10K was opened on 2/9/15 for $1.50 with [...]

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Yelp Inc (YELP) $42.82 +0.82%

Yelp options volume is 2X daily average, driven by spread trading. The stock is up 42c to $42.89 and the Jul – Aug 50 call spread on the online info company trades for $2.10, 10000X on ARCA and 5000X on ISE. Data from ISE indicate the investor is closing a position in July while opening [...]

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Oracle Corp (ORCL) $41.23 +0.41%

Short-term bull lays out $150K on a 6 day upside bet in Oracle. Buyer paid 25c for nearly 6K July 2 41.5 calls a moment ago as shares traded near $41.23, opening a new position that will add to the 26K calls open in the term. May replace some of the 51K calls expiring today, [...]

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Zynga Inc (ZNGA) $2.97 -0.34%

Zynga options volume is 2.5X daily average after 24.3K Jul 3 calls trade at 7.5c. It might be a closing seller, as open interest is 47K and the stock has been chopping around the $3 level for a month now. In fact, the stock was around the $3 level a year ago as well.

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Earthlink Holdings Corporation (ELNK) $7.51 +2.60%

Earthlink sees 6X daily average volume. The stock is up 12c to 52-week highs of $7.44 today. Recent trades on the internet company include a sweep of 1727 Jul 8 calls for 15c when the market was 10 to 15c. More than 2,330 traded at that line. The flow will open the second largest block [...]

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Yandex NV (YNDX) $15.96 +0.19%

Notable options block in Yandex. The stock is up 7c to $16 and 9.8K Nov 25 calls on the European internet service provider trade for 17c when the market was 5 to 20c. More than 10K traded at that line, as some investors are possibly opening positions and looking for the stock to rebound in [...]

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Groupon Inc (GRPN) $5.32 -2.21%

Groupon sees repeat ratio spread trading. The stock is off 11c to $5.33 and the investor sells the Oct 5 – 6 1X2 call spread on the online daily deals company at 11c, 10000X. The same spread traded a week ago in a ratio of 10000X25000 and Wednesday’s open interest update indicated that both legs [...]

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Facebook Inc (FB) $87.28 +3.00%

Facebook option volume triple normal as shares set all time highs near $87.50. Calls lead puts 2:1 with short-term June 26 weeklys making up 36% of the flow. Largest trade was a customer seller of 4K Aug 82.5-87.5 call spreads for $3 tied to a hedge at $87.20. With 3200 82.5 calls open, the trade [...]

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NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) $5.40 -2.88%

NQ Mobile calls are moving today. The stock is down 12c to $5.44 in active trading of 4.4M shares and well off session lows of $5.01. More than 13K calls and 1,900 puts traded on the Chinese mobile internet services company. The flow is scattered across a number of different strikes, being led by the [...]

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Red Hat Inc (RHT) $79.64 +0.43%

RedHat with higher options volume led by a big spread trade. The stock is up 31c to $79.61 and the Sep 85 – 90 call spread on the software company trades for $1.10, 10000X. The new bullish position comes a few days after the stock rallied on earnings and ahead of the company’s Jun 24 [...]

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