What is WhatsTrading.com?
Please visit our “About” section.

What is Free at WhatsTrading.com?
A lot: Daily commentary, tables of intra-day bullish and bearish activity, strategy ideas, educational content, and put and call volume charts.

What is WhatsTrading.com Premium?
Designed for active traders, WhatsTrading.com Premium is a real-time options analysis service that includes intra-day updates of unusual trading activity, bullish/bearish trading suggestions, advanced charting tools, and identification/analysis of “smart money” trades. We identify and discuss the best opportunities in the listed options market. Premium subscribers also have access to real time data via WhatsTrading Flow Monitor.

What is Flow Monitor and How Do I Use It?

Flow Monitor is our proprietary tool that allows you to view things like put call volume, sentiment, commentary and a lot more in Real Time! Take a look at some of our Flow Monitor Tips for more about this tool.

How do you determine buyer/seller on a trade?

We use a proprietary modified “quote rule” approach starting with the NBBO (National Best Bid and Offer) in effect immediately preceding the trade. If the trade takes place on the Bid, we consider it seller initiated, and if it takes place on the Ask, we call it buyer initiated. Trades taking place inside the best quote are evaluated versus the midpoint, with proprietary models that assist in categorizing spreads and some mid-market trades. Academic research suggests accuracy greater than 80% using this approach.

How do you determine what is a spread, straddle, “hedged trade,” cross, etc?

Our trade scanning engines catch spread notations added by the executing exchange, and we also watch for other market behavior that we recognize as part of a multi-leg strategy and then reverse-engineer the trade. We contact friends on the exchange floors for additional insight.

Are you always correct?

While we’re confident that we’re better than any of our competitors, our analysis is a quantitative “best guess” about what is taking place in the market. We continue to refine our models and as markets evolve and transparency increases, our analysis will improve.

What defines ‘bullish’ or ‘bearish’ sentiment?

We consider calls trading in excess of their recent average volume level, with majority of the executions trading on the offer side of the quote to be bullish. Bearish denotes unusual put activity trading offer-side.

How do I view stories from previous days?

Hover over the calendar and see a pop-up list of the story by date. Or, Premium subscribers use the Flow Monitor (see Flow Monitor Tips for More).

How do I find out more about WhatsTrading.com Premium services?
Register and check out our sign up page. To contact us: support@whatstrading.com

Do you have any webinars that explain how to use WhatsTrading.com?

Not yet. However, you might be interested in a recent presentation at the NY Traders Expo about “Finding and Analyzing Smart Money Trades” Free Registration and Log In Required.

Best of luck and GOOD TRADING!