Small Cap Stocks

AK Steel Holding Corp (AKS) $7.02 +4.78%

AK Steel attracts a put seller. The stock is up 4.9% to $7.03 and leading the steel names higher after updating its first quarter outlook. On the options front, an investor sold a 10000-lot of Jun 6 puts on AKS at 41 cents. It might close from 3/10 when buyers were paying 66 and 70 [...]

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Insmed Inc (INSM) $18.42 -2.64%

Interesting spread trading in small cap Insmed. The stock is off 48 cents to $18.44 and it looks like an investor is liquidating a position in Mar 20 calls on the biotech at 30 cents and replacing it with the May 25 – 35 call spread for $2.05, 4600X. The stock is up 170% over [...]

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Conns Inc (CONN) $32.76 +0.86%

Conns Inc sees a hefty call spread. The stock is up 35 cents to $32.83 and the investor buys the Oct 40 – Jan 50 call spread on the the electronics company for $1.48, 13000X. They sold the Jan 50s ans bought the Oct 40s. The position is opening and seems to be expressing the [...]

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KB Home (KBH) $18.57 -0.80%

Call buyers in KB Homes. The stock is off 13 cents to $18.59 and the focus is on Mar 18.5s, which expire after tomorrow. The flow includes a 2600-lot for 15 cents on ISE and is an opening buyer, according to ISEE data. A more recent print is a 2444-lot for 24 cents. 10,640 now [...]

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Alpha Natural Resources Inc (ANR) $4.33 -2.70%

Alpha Natural Resources attracts a hefty call spread. The stock is off 3.2% to $4.3 after Bank of America cut its price target on the coal producer. In early options trading, the Jan 5 – 7 cs trades on ANR for 48 cents, 10000X on ISE. A customer is rolling a position down in strikes, [...]

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CommonWealth REIT (CWH) $27.89 +4.03%

Community REIT sees increased put activity. Shares are up $1.14 to $27.95 on reports Corvex Management and Related Fund Management announced that 81% of stock holders approved the removal of the entire Board of Trustees. The news was out yesterday afternoon. On the options front, an Apr 22.5 – 25 put spread is apparently sold [...]

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E House China Holding Limited (EJ) $14.06 -0.14%

Bullish spread trade in E House China. After falling to a morning low of $13.14 on a Goldman Sachs downgrade, the stock is up 8 cents to $14.08. On the options front, a May 15 – 20 call spread trades on EJ for 95 cents, 2000X on ISE. It’s an opening customer buyer, according to [...]

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Coeur Mining Inc (CDE) $10.94 +3.31%

Coeur Mining call buyer digging for upside gold. 8000 calls have traded on the name in the opening minutes, 50x normal, with an early buyer snapping up several thousand June 10 calls from 1.30 to 1.50 as shares spiked nearly 4% to $10.90. Unclear catalyst, GLD and most mining names lower this morning. CDE saw [...]

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New Gold Inc (NGD) $5.93 -7.34%

Bearish action in New Gold. The stock fell sharply at the open and is down 7.5% to $5.92 in active trading of 4 million shares. Recent options trades on the Vancouver-based miner includes a sweep of 2150 Mar 6 puts for 20 cents when the market was 15 to 20 cents. Looks like a put [...]

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Stillwater Mining (SWC) $15.15 -3.44%

Stillwater sees higher call volume. The stock is off 50 cents to $15.19 and a 10000-lot of Apr 15s is sold on the Billings, MT minerals company at $1.10 per contract. It’s tied to 650K shares and might close a position opened on 3/5 when a 10000-lot was opened for 35 cents. The stock has [...]

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